Our approach is system-based. SIEMACHA Sport is a modern infrastructure providing ground not only for sports competition and active lifestyle, but also catering for the social aspects.

We operate three commercial sports centers called Com-Com Zone and the Equestrian Sports Center, which also provides hippotherapy. Our beneficiaries use the centers free of charge, taking part in the activities held by SIEMACHA Spot daytime facilities, the SIEMACHA Spot 24/7 facilities, and as part of one-off special events.

Other customers can use the activities provided by our centers for a charge, however it is not about profits from a gainful business. All the proceeds are then used to pay for socially-oriented tasks, i.e. work with children and adolescents.

The Com-Com Zone Development Centers are among the few venues where sport regains its primary pedagogical function. SIEMACHA’s beneficiaries learn not only the rules of individual sports disciplines, but also the principles applicable to relationships among participants of any challenging endeavors. This approach in turn guarantees that SIEMACHA’s six fundamental ideas, which have given the center its name, i.e. competition, community, competence, comfort, company and communication, can co-exist in one place.

All SIEMACHA’s beneficiaries use the sports activities in the Com-Com Zone Development centers free of charge.

Equestrian Sports Center (CSK) - Odporyszów

At present, CSK SIEMACHA holds 12 horses. Some of them are champions in sports events they take part in with our beneficiaries, while others are hippotherapy masters. Equestrian training or therapeutic activities in Odporyszów are offered free of charge to children from all SIEMACHA’s facilities.

Com-Com Zone Nowa Huta

Every Com-Com Zone is different. The first one to be founded, in Nowa Huta, is also the biggest one. The 13,000 sq. m of the facility established in 2008 house: a swimming pool, sports hall, gym, four training studios, full-size football field with natural turf, full-size football field with artificial surface and lighting, the “Orlik” pitch - air-domed and heated in winter, as well as a small training ground.

Com-Com Zone Prokocim

The other Com- Com Zone, in Prokocim, is somewhat smaller. Its focus is water attractions. Customers can use a large hall with a recreational pool, water slides, jacuzzi, saunas, as well as mini-pools for the youngest children. We offer swimming lessons even for infants.

Com-Com Zone Kozłówek

The Kozłówek Com- Com Zone is a facility built in the middle of a large Kraków housing district. Its offering is addressed to every age group: there are activities for seniors, such as Aqua Health, as well as swimming lessons for infants from 3 months old. The facility has two fitness studios, a dry and a steam sauna, a variable depth swimming pool, and an aqua recreation zone.

Progress Sports Academy

A professional sports academy - a venue where young people can develop their talents and score first successes on the turf under the watchful instruction of qualified coaches.


All the initiatives executed in our centers are guided by one idea - to provide our customers with not only an attractive space, but also to popularize a specific way of understanding sport. Because sport is not only a matter of keeping fit, but also a way of personality formation.


The most recently opened Com-Com Zone is located in Odporyszów, where SIEMACHA operates a modern home for children and a daytime center. In December 2014, a swimming pool, fitness studio and a sports pitch were added just nearby. It is also in Odporyszów where our Equestrian Sports Center is located.

Sports community

SIEMACHA’s sports centers are also venues of many interesting community-oriented projects, bringing together people who are passionate about healthy lifestyle at any age.

Com-Com Zones are designed for responsible customers, who purchase not only a sports service, but also support development of children and adolescents in SIEMACHA facilities across Poland.

A merger of state-of-the-art sports facilities and social economy? It is possible! Our Com-Com Zone Development Centers have won the hearts of our customers – on average they are visited by 90 thousand people per month.

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