Kraków Psychotherapy Institute (KIP)

Kraków Psychotherapy Institute is the name of a network of four therapeutic centers operated by the SIEMACHA Association in Kraków and Wrocław.

The Institute offers free of charge support to both children and adults. The therapy often is addressed to entire families or groups of persons.

therapeutic services per month provided to Kraków’s inhabitants


therapeutic services per month provided to Wroclaw’s inhabitants

Over 1,000 patients under regular care every year

The psychotherapists of the SIEMACHA Association’s Kraków Psychotherapy Institute offer the most effective problem solving method – a conversation.

Qualified personnel

SIEMACHA Association’s Kraków Psychotherapy Institute has been operating since 2006. Its personnel is 60 qualified psychotherapists with concurrent specialty in psychology, pedagogy and medicine.

Caring for the patient’s health

The guiding principle of our work is that care for the patient’s health is the most important. In line with this principle, we use the psychodynamic and system approaches, as recognized, cohesive and effective psychotherapy methods.

Regular supervision

Our team is engaged in continuous professional development, taking part in training sessions and conferences. Our therapists’ work is under regular supervision of certified supervisors of the Polish Psychiatry Society and the Polish Psychological Society.

KIP Kraków Podbrzezie

Founded in 2006, the Kraków Psychotherapy Institute Pobrzezie is the oldest KIP in Kraków.

KIP Kraków Krakowiaków

Kraków Psychotherapy Institute at the Krakowiaków district provides therapy to families, children, adolescents and adults. The Institute runs periodical therapeutic groups for school age young people, and interpersonal trainings for young adults.

KIP Kraków Ptaszyckiego

KIP “Ptaszyckiego” operates in the Com-Com Zone Development Center, in the direct vicinity of the Com-Com Zone sports and education area (SIEMACHA Spot).

KIP Wrocław Kościuszki

The Kraków Psychotherapy Institute in Wroclaw is a facility providing counseling, therapy and psychological and pedagogical support to foster families.

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