Connections through Music

Just as arts can surprise with unexpected associations, SIEMACHA Muzycznie (SIEMACHA Musically) combines the apparently separate worlds of culture, business and local government. The result is concerts, artistic events, workshops and creativity-developing studios.

Workshops and studios

Every day, SIEMACHA’s facilities organize activities for several hundred Polish and Ukrainian children, who learn to play an instrument and develop their singing skills.

Music knows no age, nationality or social status.

Every child taking part in the workshops has an opportunity to develop their talents and it is primarily up to them as to how they will use this potential.

Jakub Bugajski - educator, music class instructor, SIEMACHA Spot Długa

Special events

SIEMACHA Muzycznie also holds special events, including the Christmas Carol Evening and the Charity New Year’s Concert, organized regularly with Magic Records.

New Year's Concert
Christmas Carol Evening

Christmas Carol Evening

Every year, SIEMACHA’s beneficiaries, friends and partners meet at the largest Christmas Eve table in Poland. Every Christmas Carol Evening is attended by several hundred participants, and the highlight of the event is singing Christmas Carols together.

Every Christmas Carol Evening writes its own story. In 2019, the Evening was commemorating the memory of the Association’s patron, Father Kazimierz Siemaszko – a missionary, social activist, known by his popular name of “Siemacha”, who by the end of the 19th century opened the first center for children and adolescents in Kraków, at 42, Długa street.

The Evening’s program included a video story and theatrical performance inspired by Father Kazimierz Siemaszko. The performers included: Viki Gabor, AniKa Dąbrowska, Zuza Jabłońska, Marcin Sójka and Sanah.

Last year’s Evening had a special character – it was a time of celebrating together in the spirit of solidarity with Ukraine. Almost 500 Polish and Ukrainian SIEMACHA’s beneficiaries, partners, as well as veterans of the war in Ukraine, met at the hospitable interiors of Stara Zajezdnia by DeSilva. The tunes of Polish and Ukrainian carols were sung, and words of support and encouragement were spoken. The most important, however, was the message of peace.

Charity New Year's Concert

The beloved hits of Sanah, performed in orchestral arrangement by the Polish Orchestra of Film Music conducted by Maestro Przemysław Piotr, singing along and unconditional love of the audience. In 2023, the Association organized its first Charity New Year’s Concert.

The event brought together almost two thousand of SIEMACHA’s beneficiaries and friends.

During her two hour-long performance, Sanah sang poetry of Wisława Szymborska and Juliusz Słowacki, as well as her own hit songs, such as “Szampan” or “Ale Jazz!” The artist was accompanied by 50-member Polish Orchestra of Film Music, 30-member Silesian Chamber Choir Ad Libitum and over one thousand children filling up the auditorium of the ICE Congress Center. A banquet full of guests, fantastic concert and extraordinary emotions. Arts at its absolute best.

The concert, organized by the SIEMACHA Association, Mayor of the City of Kraków, Magic Records, and supported by the companies Sokołów and TAURON Polska Energia, was a unique charitable event dedicated to children in the Sanah Bankiet Tour, started in 2022.

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